Atkal [2018]
for Flute and Voice

Moebius Strip [2016]
for ensemble
\fl, rec, voice, pno, guitar, vln & vla

[Pu]-[Di]-[Li] [2016]
for children ensemble

2Funny [2015]
for ensemble

Orgiastic Compression [2013]
for 12 musicians performing on 6 pianos

X-Anthemes [2013]
for ensemble
\fl, cl, pno, vln, vlc

Double Sun [2012]
for ensemble
\fl, cl, pno, vln, vla, vlc, cb

inPression [2009]
for ensemble

Anamorphosis [2009]
for ensemble
\fl, ob, cl, pno, perc, mand, gtr, vln, vla, vlc, cb

What’s inside [2009]
for flute, viola and cello

Matinée [2007]
for soprano and ensemble

Fragmented Contours [2006]
for string quartet

PN Duo [2006]
for piccolo and bass clarinet

Polychromia III[2005]
for ensemble

Tre pezzi [2003]
for piano & violin

Tetraktys [2003]
for ensemble
\4 vlc, 3 cl, 2 tr & perc

Polychromia I [2002]
for ensemble

for ensemble

Synthesis III[2001]
for 7 trombones

Small String Quartet [2001]
for string quartet

T-180 [2001]
for 11 triangles

Two Music Games [2001]