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meta.ξ Muted Blast (.2) at Toronto | Canada

meta.ξ presents Muted Blast (.2)
12.03.2020 @ 20:00
918 Bathurst Centre for Culture, Arts, Media and Education

Jana Luksts (piano)
Wesley Shen (piano)
Adam Sherkin (piano)
Matti Pulkki (accordion)
Brad Cherwin (bass clarinet)
Phil Albert (double bass)
Michael Murphy (percussion)

Lillios, Elainie: Last Night I Dreamed My Entire House Was Clean (2012)
Maronidis, Dimitris: Orbits (2014, Canadian Premiere)
Gioti, Artemi-Maria: Converge/Diverge (2019, Canadian Premiere)
Spyrou, Alexandros: Cocci I (2013, Canadian Premiere)
Kokoras, Panayiotis: T-Totum (2009)


Kein Thema (2007), Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri
Seglias, Zesses: Conversations I (2019, Canadian Premiere)
Dimou, Stylianos: cries: embrassant intérieur (2017-20, World Premiere)
Chafta-Douka, Faidra: Rocks (Solid) (2014, Canadian Premiere)
Katehis, George: [m] (2020, World Premiere)

meta.ξ is a collective of composers, artists, and design-curators. Bi-laterally based between the United States and Greece, with members living and working everywhere in between, the collective aims to strengthen the voice of the post-crisis generation of Greek composers while embracing subversive artists internationally.