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Multiplexing at MOMus Museum of Contemporary Art | Thessaloniki

Multiplexing is now exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art MOMus at Thessaloniki as part of the exhibition “Public Domain”. The exhibition takes place from 11th of March 2022 till 25th of September 2022. The opening on 11.3 is free for the public.

In telecommunications and computer networks, multiplexing (MUX) is a method in which multiple analog or digital signals are combined into one over a shared medium. The aim is usually to share a scarce resource. For example, in telecommunications, several telephone calls may be carried using one wire. Multiplexing originated in telegraphy in the 1870s, and is now widely applied in communications. In this particular work, the idea of MUX is transferred into the sound domain. A series of logically performed processes are channeled and distributed through a transistor array, activating a matrix of micro-sound sources thus building a large, mechanically generated, sound-cloud. Each cell of the system is becoming a part of a larger sound body. Each voice, no matter how infinitesimal,  matters in order to build a collective sound-set. The work symbolically refers to the unity that we all need -in these dark days- in our world.

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Multiplexing (plywood, Arduino, lip-gloss boxes & Magnets)