Transient beauty for tape [2015]

The work “Transient Beauty” was composed at ICST ZHdK Zurich during a two weeks residency in August of 2015 and it reflects all the dramatic conditions I was going through, in the previous month, during a very unstable (politically and economically) period in Greece. The form of the piece consists in reality a transition from a very dense, noisy, harsh and chaotic sound world to the beauty and tranquility of a calm woman’s voice reflecting the alteration between feelings of immense anxiety and hope.

[…]Turning shadow into transient beauty (T.S. Eliot)

Sonosferics for tape [2014]

BrainWaves for tape [2014] sonification of EMOTIV data

Cappricio for tape [2007]

Sculpture 357 for tape [2007]

Sculpture 166 for tape [2007]

Residues for tape [2006]

Hi-Hat for tape [2005]

Hi-Hat is an acoustic piece composed in 2005. Everything in this piece is made of a single sound recording of a Hi-Hat filtered and algorithmically positioned in time.

Improvisation Electronique II for tape [2005]

Improvisation Electronique II is a tape composed in 2005 for a concert of electronic music at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki. The composition is based solely on FM (Frequency Modulation) techniques. The pitch material is consisting of the notes [F – F# – A] and a series of harmonic and timbral transformation is taking place all the time.

Prelude & Fugue for tape [2002]

BWV 1067 for tape [2002]

Knots for tape [2002]

Synthesis IV, IVb for tape [2002]

Froura epi frouras for tape [2001]

“Φρουρά επί Φρουράς” (Froura epi frouras) is a tape piece composed in 2001 after the poem by the Greek surrealist poet and psychoanalyst Andreas Empeirikos. It is my very first piece in the field of electronic music! The piece consists of two overlapping layers: one based on prerecorded concrete sounds and another on synthesized ones. It piece was composed at the Institute of Psychoacoustics & Computer Music at Thessaloniki using the RT-CMIX environment.

Ispachan for tape [2001]

Ispachan is an acousmatic piece I composed while I was a student at the Institute of Psychoacoustics in Thessaloniki. The piece is based on a poem of the Greek surrealist poet Andreas Empeirikos