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Ganesh Paran performance by Ums’n’Jip

Ganesh Paran for extraordinary voice, tape, and computer-generated RT score is going to be premiered on 23rd of February 2013 at Pallas Concert Hall, Thessaloniki by UMS ņ JIP

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” ga naa naa ma ga na pa ti ga ne sha lam bo da ra sho he bhu jaa caa rli e ka”, “dan ta ca ndra maa la laa ta raa je brah maa vis nu ma he sha taa la de”, “dhu ra pa da gaa ve a ti vi cit tra ga na naa tha aa ja mr da ga ba jaa ve”, “Dha Ta Dha Ra Ta Dha Ra Dha Ra Kr Dhyuaa Na Di Na Di Na Di Na Na Ge Na Ge Na Ge Dha Na Dha Na Ti Na”, “Ti Na Ta Ke Na Na Taa Dr Ga Na Dr Ga Dr Ga Di Na Di Na Di Na Ge Di Na Ge Ta Kra Dha Na Kita Taka”, “Dha Ra Na Ta Ra Na Dha KiTa TaKa Dha Ra Na Ta Ra Na Dha KiTa TaKa Dha Ra Na Dha Ra Na”, “Dha”, “Kr Dhyuaa Na”, “a ti vi cit tra”, “Dha Ta Dha Ra Ta Dha Ra”, “ga naa naa ma”, “ga na pa ti”, “ga ne sha”, “lam bo da ra”, “sho he”, “bhu jaa caa rli”, “e ka dan ta”, “ca ndra maa”, “la laa ta”, “raa je”, “brah maa”, “vis nu”, “ma he sha taa la de”, “lam bo da ra”,”sho he”, “bhu jaa caa rli”, “e ka dan ta”, “ca ndra maa” 

Berio Folk Songs Project by ContraTempo

Δω στα Λιανοχορταρούδια (Do sta lianohortaroudia) got performed on  22 August 2012 by ContraTempo Orchestra (dir. Vladimiros Symeonidis) and Angeliki Cathariou (soprano) at Pelion Music Village as a part of the project I wonder as I wander… or copying L. Berio. 

Alter Ego Premiere by Athens State Orchestra at Megaron

Alter Ego for large orchestra was commissioned by the State Orchestra of Athens in Greece and was composed at Boston in 2011. The musical material is based on spectral analysis of recitation in a whispering mode of the poem Katedrāle by American – Latvian poet Gunars Salins. A second layer consisted of isorhythmic processed (talea) material functions as a point of reference. The physical material is under constant transformation through the use of digital filters and it is presented by the orchestra through new orchestrational perspectives each time.

In me – there is the Cathedral. In me – the whole kingdom of heaven. In me – the world’s beginning and end. And also you. (Gunars Salins)

Pleaase find the full programme of the concert below

Dimitris Maronidis
: “Alter ego” (commissioned by Κ.Ο.Α.)
Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Concerto n. 4 in G major, op 58
Franz Liszt: “Preludes”, Symphonic poem
Richard Wagner: Ouverture from the opera “Rienzi”

Athens Concert Hall | 12 January 2012 | 20:30
Director  Michalis Economou

Parenthesis premiered by Lorraine Symphony Orchestra | France

Paragraph/Parenthesis for Orchestra got its premiere at  Metz Arsenal Concert Hall by Orcheste National de Lorraine (ONL) under the direction of Jacques Mercier on 11-7-2011. The piece was performed as a part of the composition workshop Acanthes. This piece was composed after the poem “since feeling is first…” by e.e.cummings. A special set of software tools were developed in order to compute and organize the massive stream of data that constitutes the core-structure of the piece. The fundamental idea of the piece is the construction of a multi-leveled isorhythmic talea that controls and drives various melodic elements and harmonic aggregates in a set of spectral bands. Since such a parametric system is very unstable, a large number of experiments were performed in order for the final material to be selected, formed, and refined. 

[…] for life’s not a paragraph. And death i think is no parenthesis e.e.cummings

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Anamorphosis premiere by Nieuw Ensemble | UK

Anamorphosis for 11 musicians is premiered at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. Anamorphosis |ˌanəˈmôrfəsis| Anamorphosis is a distorted projection or drawing that appears normal when viewed from a particular point or with a suitable mirror or lens. This concept was transferred to the sound domain and a set of special software applications was developed in order to run experiments and then select and refine the material used for this piece. The anamorphic procedures consisted of warping a given music material by catoptric means. A large set of suitable mirrors were utilized. Various amounts of a two-dimensional distortion were applied, depending on the angle and the exact position of the mirrors on the Cartesian plane.

Nieuw Ensemble | Direction Bas Wiegers
Produced by HCMF | Muziek Centrum Nederland | NFPK+

Monday 23 November | St. Pauls Hall | 7:30

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Fragmented Contours premiere by Diotima String Quartet | Thessaloniki

Fragmented Contours got its premiere by the French string quartet “Diotima” on 29th of April 2009 at the State Conservatoire of Thessaloniki along with pieces by T. Zlikas, K. Siembis and T. Simaku. The piece was composed furiously back in the Autumn of 2016 at York and it deals with the application of aliasing effect on melodic contours.

WiFi TeleMusik premiere at Festival “Milano Incontra La Grecia” | Italy

WiFi TeleMusik for 7 musicians, wireless messaging, Interactive tape, and Live electronics gets its premiere in Italy by dissonArt ensemble. The piece was commissioned by the festival “Milano Incontra La Grecia” and is going to be performed it in a concert along with the Italian Ensemble Sentierri Selvvagi

14 gennaio 2009
Piccolo Teatro Studio – Milano

Concerto di Sentieri selvaggi in occasione del festival
Milano incontra la Grecia e la Grecia il mondo

Giorgos Koumentakis Ancora cinque passi prima di addormentarti (WP)
Lorenzo FerreroTourists and Oracles (commissioned by Festival Milano incontra la Grecia)
Filippo Del Corno Dogma #6
Iannis Xenakis
 Plekto (Intreccio)
Dimitris Maronidis WiFi TeleMusik
Carlo Boccadoro RED

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Premiere of Sculpture by Chimera String Orchestra York | UK

Sculpture for String Orchestra scattered within the audience got its first performance on the 20th of June 2008. The Chimera Ensemble played the piece under the direction of Maria Leach at the concert hall Jack Lyons in the University of York, UK. The piece is dedicated to my daughter Sophie who was born just the day before the concert! A recording of the piece here

Matinée for voice and ensemble at Jack Lyons York | UK

Matinée got its premiere on 29 February 2008 at sir Jack Lyons concert Hall at the University of York by Chimera Ensemble. The piece is based on a Markovian reconstruction of a poem by Kiki Dimoula. The music is scored for voice (soprano) and ensemble.

Ignis Fatuus for Orchestra premiere by the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki

Ignis Fatuus for Orchestra is getting its world premiere by the Symphonic Orchestra of Thessaloniki under the direction of Vladimiros Symeonidis. The concert will take place on the 10th of March 2007 at the Aristotle University Concert Hall. In this work, many different ways of expression are explored through the use of spectral processes for the organization of the musical material.