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Bee Swarms for Laptop Orchestra | Thessaloniki

Bee Swarms, a collaborative, computer-based, large scale performance for laptop orchestra gets its premiere at Thessaloniki by LOrk•A. The piece represents an innovative collaborative endeavor, where a diverse array of laptop performers converge to orchestrate and synthesize an immersive auditory experience reminiscent of the bustling activity of a natural bee swarm near, or in a beehive. Central to the project’s essence is the collective synergy and self-organization exhibited by the participating agents, who essentially have to synthesize the components for the development of a rudimentary, yet intriguing musical intelligence.

It’s important to underscore that while the project celebrates collective creativity, it does not advocate for the complete autonomy of its participants. Instead, a delicate balance is maintained through the establishment of simple, localized rules that guide individual actions. There is not though any sort of overarching control structure dictating global behaviors. Within this framework, performers act within the realm of basic principles such as separation, alignment, and cohesion. These fundamental parameters serve as both theoretical constructs and technical tools, providing a fertile ground for the exploration of virtual behaviors and the creation of an unpredictable sonic landscape.

As performers interact within this dynamic environment, their actions become interwoven, giving rise to intricate patterns and harmonies that transcend the capabilities of any single agent. The Bee Swarms project not only showcases the potential of collective intelligence in musical expression but also serves as a tribute to the boundless creativity that arises from an open, decentralized collaboration.

Vafopouleio Cultural Center 30 May 2024 | 20:00, Thessaloniki Greece

4 hommages au carré at Brisbane by Žvikovs-Glazenburga | Australia

We are beyond excited to have the amazing concert pianists Juris Žvikovs and Sanita Glazenburga from Latvia visiting Brisbane, and delighting us with their magical performance at the Latvian Hall! Both pianists have been collaborating for over 20 years, and are currently lecturing music at the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Music Academy. This is their very first trip to Australia and they are giving masterclasses and presentations at the Queensland University of Technology. Fortunately, they contacted the Brisbane Latvian Community via email and we have been able to organise this very special concert featuring a rich and varied repertoire for the piano! Juris and Sanita not only immerse audiences in their music, but they love to meet and connect with their audiences through stories and conversations. Come and enjoy this very special concert and meet the artists!

Juris Karlsons – Rural suite (1985)
Dimitris Maronidis – Quatre hommages au carré (2023)
Georges Bizet – Two pieces from Children’s Games (Jeux d’enfants), op. 22 (1871)
Gyorgy Ligeti – Three pieces for two pianos (1976)

1pm • 11 April 2024 • Nickson Room
University of Queensland, Brisbane

Hexagonum DeciBels Festival | Rīga

Quatre Hommages at Hexagonum for two pianos will be played at DeciBels Festival Rīga | 22.03.2024, 18:00, JVLMA in the Great Hall

The piano duo Sanita Glazenburga and Juris Žvikovs present a program of contemporary music for piano duo with compositions by Marina Anna Timofejeva, Dimitris Maronidis, Henry Poikans, Morton Feldmans, Annija Anna Zariņa, Gyorgy Ligeti

This program consists of three works by JVLMA composition students and three composition masters. The dramaturgy of the concert is created in such a way that the “new” and “masters” are paired in pairs: Marina Anna Timofejeva – Dimitris Maronidis, Henrijs Poikans – Morton Feldmans, Annija Anna Zariņa – Gērģs Ligeti. These pairs form three lines, with the up-and-coming at one end and the “classic” at the other. Visually contemplating and playing with these lines can create a beautiful hexagon

Orbits for piano and tape by Valeria Lapsin | Freiburg

Orbits, for piano and fixed media is getting a performance by Valeria Lapsin
Werke von: Luigi Nono, Dimitris Maronidis, Lisa Streich, Johannes Schollhorn, Maximilians A. Soto

22th of February 8pm | Wolfgang Hoffmann Hall | Freiburg | Germany

Valeria Lapsin, Piano | Valeria Vinogradova & Yiannis Giannopoulos elec difussion
Cover photo by Elza Zhrerebchuk

Chaconne for Piano Trio and Electronics at the State Conservatoire of Thessaloniki | Greece

Chaconne for piano trio and electronics is getting a performance at the State Conservatoire of Thessaloniki on 29th of November 2023. Herta Hansena (piano) and Eriks Kirsfelds (Violoncello) who are visiting AUTh with Erasmus are collaborating with Kostas Kampantais (Violin) to present a concert of contemporary music.

The piece was composed during the first half of March 2020 in Thessaloniki after a poem by Gundega Smite and Dimitris Maronidis. The form of the work is a Chaconne in the sense that an imaginary sound of a glass breaking, is repeatedly reflected in all musical gestures, creating a sonic environment where small sonic fragments are generated, cracked, and splintered constantly.

Iannis Xenakis Paille in the Wind 
Maja Einfelde Four Elegies 
Jonathan Harvey Dialogue and Song  
Anton Webern Three Little Pieces 
Eriks Esenvalds Last Letters 
Salvatore Sciarrino Melencolia I 
Gundega Šmite Cancon de Cuna 
Dimitris Maronidis Chaconne 

29th November 2023, 21:00 | State Conservatoire of Thessaloniki | Entrance Free

Impulse Response for Contrabass Clarinet & Electronics premiere by Nina Janßen-Deinzer | Thessaloniki

Impulse Response for Contrabass Clarinet, electronics and the response of the mosque Yeni Cami in Thessaloniki is getting its world premiere by Nina Janßen-Deinzer on 14th of October 2023, 20:30. An impulse response is the reaction of any dynamic system in response to some external change. In this piece the performer is acting as the impulse, providing to the musical ecosystem the input signal, triggering its response. The venue acts as a third instrument by shaping the overall sound. The piece was designed and partially composed in the venue. Yeni Mosque (Greek: Γενί Τζαμί, from Turkish: Yeni Cami, “New Mosque”) is a historical mosque in Thessaloniki, Greece. It was built by Italian architect Vitaliano Poselli in 1902 for the city’s Dönmeh community, crypto-Jewish converts to Islam. However, when the Donmeh left the city during the population exchange between Greece and Turkey, it was used to house the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki in 1925. Today it serves as an exhibition center.

14 October, 20:00 | Yeni Cami | Archeologikou Mousiou 30, Thessaloniki 546 41 | Free entrance
More info about the performer here

Transient Beauty at Ernst von Hopffgarten Lab | Germany

Transient Beauty (for tape) is getting a performance in Germany at a concert under the title “Music from electricity and in the Dark”. An acousmatic music concert (Akusmatisches Konzert #7) in the artistic workshops in Trebel
Works by Ralf Hoyer, Jonty Harrison, Hanna Hartmann, Dimitris Maronidis, Clemens von Reusner and Daniel Teruggi

7th October 2023 | Transient Beauty at Ernst von Hopffgarten | Trebel, Germany

An introduction to the evening is given by the composer Clemens von Reusner. Admission: 7:40 pm
Binding seat reservation by email or at: 05848-1326

Chaconne for piano trio & electronics world premiere | Latvia

After a long and sad waiting period, Chaconne for Piano, Violin, Violoncello & Electronics is getting its premiere by Paula Šūmane (Violin), Herta Hansena (Piano), and Ēriks Kiršfelds (Violoncello). The concert will occur at Sigulda in Latvia on July 16th, 2023.

The piece was composed during the first half of March 2020 in Thessaloniki after a poem by Gundega Smite and Dimitris Maronidis. The form of the work is a Chaconne in the sense that an imaginary sound of a glass breaking, is repeatedly reflected in all musical gestures, creating a sonic environment where small sonic fragments are generated, cracked, and splintered constantly.

July 16th 2023, Concert Hall Baltais Fligelis, Sigulda, Latvia

4 hommages au carré premiere by Žvikovs-Glazenburga piano duet | Sigulda

Quatre hommages au carré (four squared hommages) for two pianos was composed in the spring of 2023. The piece is a revised and extended version of 4 (hommage) études for solo piano. In its initial version (etudes), the work had a pedagogical character. The current version for two pianos has been a journey of exploration for some of the work’s own hidden sonic territories. Not being a set of etudes anymore, the piece is departing from its inherent educational aspect and leans towards a broader sonic and expression spectrum.

July 15th 2023, Concert Hall Baltais Fligelis, Sigulda, Latvia

Orbits by Valeria Lapsin at Particles#10 | Freiburg

Orbits, an electroacoustic piece for piano and fixed media is getting a new exciting performance by Valeria Lapsin at the Concert Particles #10 in Freiburg. Electronics will be diffused by Valeria Vinogradova on a 10-channel audio setup.

6th of June 7:30 pm | Wolfgang Hoffmann Hall | Freiburg | Germany

Werke von: Adrien Trybucki, Dimitris Maronidis, François Sarhan, Heinz Holliger, Javier Álvarez, Martjin Padding, Rebecca Saunders,Toshio Hosokawa.
Cover photo by Elza Zhrerebchuk

Soundwalk Kodra SoundScapes | Thessaloniki

Korda SouncScapes is an in-situ sound installation/performance that creates an extensive and unpredictable soundscape through the use of the mobile devices of the participating audience. This sound walk will take place as a part of a broader performance at the military camp Kodra of Kalamaria in Thessaloniki. An experienced guide will navigate you through the buildings and wrecks of this dystopic place. Participants are encouraged to remain silent but hear very actively. The journey involves many stops where, dance, theatrical actions, monologues, and video projections will occur in a strongly interactive environment

July 7 & 8, 2023 | 20:00 | Kodra, Thessaloniki

Dramaturgy, choreography, performance: Marianthi Psomataki
Composition, performance of electronic music: Dimitris Maronidis
Dramaturgy, performance: Dimitris Krikos & Marita Tsalkitzoglou
Video art: Antonis Prokopiou
Saxophone: Theofilos Sotiriadis