Premiere of Mise en abîme by Altera-Shock in Riga | Latvia

Mise en abîme for ensemble and electronics is going to get its premiere, on 30th of  October at Riga | Latvia. The performance is based on the  collaboration of two modern music ensembles, Art-i-shock and Altera Veritas.

Mise en abîme, is a term used in visual arts to describe a formal technique of placing a copy of an image within itself, often in a way that suggests an infinitely recurring sequence. A common way of experiencing this effect is by standing between two mirrors, seeing as a result an infinite reproduction of one’s image. In this piece I try to imitate this phenomenon in the field of sound. Fragments of music are repeated many times, each time slightly distorted, in order to create perceptually the same effect.

X-Anthèmes Premiere at Belgrade by Construction Ensemble | Serbia

X-Anthèmes is presented at Belgrade as a part of the Compeser’s Review project organized by the Composer’s Accosiation of Serbia. X-Anthemes will be performed by Construction Ensemble on Friday, 25 September 2015, 8 PM, Foyer of the National Bank of Serbia.

X-Anthèmes is based on national anthems from various countries around the globe. National anthems are, with very few exceptions, heavily militaristic, “serious” music. In this piece they are processed, reformed and re-presented from a virtuosic, lighter and more translucent perspective. Although the selection of the Anthems was made solely with artistic criteria, the reformation itself can be considered as a political statement.

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