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4 (hommage) études performed by Tobias Weiß | Vienna

Please watch a new video of Tobias Weiß performing 4 (hommage) études. The concert took place at Fanny Hensel-Saal in Vienna on the 6th of February 2019. The piece is an hommage to the following composers I. Hommage à Helmut Lachenmann, II. Hommage à Gyorgy Ligeti, III. Hommage à Steve Reich and IV. Hommage à Gundega Šmite. Various aspects of the piano playing techniques are highlighted in each of these miniature etudes whilst the fundamental aim of the piece is to help the younger students to open up their minds into a poly-stylistic acoustic environment of negative pedaling, minimalism, patterns, clusters, and isorhythmic structures; in an emotional trip that spans from icy austerity to a warm contemplative nirvana! Enjoy!